Museo de Arte Tigre
Villa La Ñata y Dique Luján

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Take Route 27, turn at Viamonte Street and then take Loreto Street to find two characteristic towns of Tigre that, despite being so near Buenos  Aires, still keep the traditional spirit of a “Delta City”.  Both towns are on the banks of the Villanueva Channel and communicate by a modern bridge that can be raised and lowered. In the area, you can enjoy the restaurants, the local crafts fair and the riverside promenade where you can be in contact with Nature and the warmth of the local people.

Activities and services
  • Villa La Ñata Shopping
    206 Pedro Guareschi St.

Bars and restaurants

  • Campesino Café bar- 75 Luis María Campos Street. Speciality of the house: Fish, Grill, seafood, and pastas. Tel: 153-935-1677
  • La Polola- 1080 Belgrano Street. Speciality of the house: Grill and pastas. Tel.: 156-398-6200 / 03484-441151.
  • La Ribera- 1024 Las Heras St. Speciality of the house : Pastas, Grill, vegetarian Food and pizzas. Tel: 03484-444904
  • Los Nogales-  949 Reconquista . Speciality of the house: Grill, pastas. Tel: 011-156-862-6999/ 011-156-862-7000
  • Parrilla El Bagual -1040  Las Heras St. Grill  and pastas. Tel.: 156-099-2605/ 156-324-6685
  • Sociedad de Fomento Villa La Ñata- Las Heras Street,  Between L.M. Campos and  Ricchieri).  Speciality of the house: Pastas.  Tel: 153-661-4638
  • Tú me puedes-  1080 Belgrano Street. Speciality of the house: Tea house and pastry. Tel: 156-398-6200 / (03484)441151
  • Tía Ñata- Las Heras and Avellaneda Street. Tel: 2008-6301
  • El Mercado de Villa La Ñata-  Avellaneda and Las Heras Stret. Tel: 4518-1801 / 155-665-8440
Not to be missed: